Getting to know nature, and then eating it!

Mushrooming with John Wright

Way back in February, we decided to book up for one of John Wright's mushroom forays. To our disappointment, we were told we were too late as all the places on all the days out were fully booked but John did say that he might be running an extra couple of days and would let us know. Much to our delight we were emailed back a few weeks later with the details of another date that was available and needless to say we jumped at the chance. ... read more
Published: 10/14/2012

Making Elderflower Delight

Last night I spent a little while making elderflower delight which is John Wright's take on turkish delight. It's very similar in texture to turkish delight except that it's made with lemon juice and elderflower (a particularly wonderful combination in my book and a true foragers delight). I thought I would take five minutes to pop on and give it a thumbs up in case you were thinking of giving it a go. ... read more
Published: 6/19/2012

Making Elderflower Champagne

I've made elderflower champagne / sparkling wine every year since I first heard about this recipe on a River Cottage programme because it is absolutely delicious, practically free and requires no specialist equipment to make. There's nothing quite like the smell of elderflower, so fresh and heavily scented that you can't miss it you walk along almost any country path in this country. ... read more
Published: 6/13/2012

Easter forage in Carmarthen, Wales

Last week we went on holiday to Wales with family and friends. About ten of us in all invaded the beautiful Welsh countryside for some walking and sightseeing and of course (for me) some happy foraging locally. We were quite busy going off to many attractions including dolphin spotting at Cardigan bay (I saw a total of zero) but on one of the few walks we did, there was plenty of wild food to be found. Louise's mum was the first to spot something. I'm not sure she was even looking that ha ... read more
Published: 4/20/2012

Frozen foraging in Exeter

Well that was fun! Today we went for a walk with the vein hope that we might find some Velvet Shanks and the slightest of hopes that we might find oyster mushrooms. I think it's a bit late for oyster mushrooms but walking along the path on the edge of the wood Nicole looked up and back and said "what's that"? "Oyster Mushrooms" I exclaimed and leapt up the tree with much abandon. They were frozen solid so they came off as a bracket (woops!) but we left some brackets on the ... read more
Published: 3/3/2012