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Making Elderflower Delight

Published: 6/19/2012 Making Elderflower Delight

Last night I spent a little while making elderflower delight which is John Wright's take on turkish delight. It's very similar in texture to turkish delight except that it's made with lemon juice and elderflower (a particularly wonderful combination in my book and a true foragers delight). You'll need to buy his Hedgerow book if you want the recipe (apparently he almost didn't include it because he is so protective of it). I thought I would take five minutes to pop on and give it a thumbs up in case you were thinking of giving it a go.

In essence the recipe is very similar to that of a turkish delight recipe except that you add lemon juice to it as well and instead of rose water you steep the bag of elderflower heads in the mixture for ten minutes or so towards the end of cooking. I could foresee the use of crab apples later in the season as an alternative or petals of dog rose as a contrast to the elderflower ones working quite well. While rose and lemon turkish delight are nice, I'd much rather go for elderflower and rose delight - UTTERLY YUM!



  • Sounds delightful - can't wait to try it!

    RobT - 19/06/2012

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